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Harbor, a World Heritage city, is the great gateway and can be the starting point for a journey through the natural and cultural diversity of the region. It is known for the wine that goes from here to the whole world, but also for the School of Architecture, which gave rise to the names of Álvaro Siza Vieira and Souto de Moura, both Pritzker Prize winners. And yet for a heritage that knows how to combine the antiquity of churches and monuments, such as a see or a Church of S. Francisco, with the contemporaneity of remarkable buildings such as a Music House, o Serralves Museum and others.

O Rio Douro  traverses the region. Enter Portugal squeezed between the ravines and mountains of the interior   to tour the entire World Heritage landscape where os  are cultivatedPort and Douro wines. There, the wine crosses until as Gaia cellars e cruise ships visiting the region.

What to visit in Porto

  • Ribeira area

  • Sao Bento Station

  • Avenida dos Aliados

  • Stock Exchange Palace

  • Church of San Francisco

  • D. Luís Bridge

  • Music House

  • Livraria Lello

  • Bolhão Market

  • Clerigos Tower

  • Mouth of the Douro River

  • Porto Cathedral (Cathedral)

  • Cruise Douro Regua to

  • Douro Wine Region

  • Historic Train


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