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The Berlengas Islands have had human presence since 1000 BC and were a very important place on the Atlantic sea route, which connected the South and North of the European continent.

Phoenician and Roman civilizations sailed through these waters, and later, the Portuguese when they sailed around the world in search of new territories.

During the 15th century, it was a place of great interest for Portuguese royalty for hunting rabbits, and for this reason, D. Afonso V declared this small archipelago uma protected area, prohibiting any harmful actions on the wildlife present there.

It was in this same century that a group of fishermen settled on this island. It was built in the 16th century, located in the current Fishermen's Quarter, a Monastery of the Jerónima Order, in which the monks were always at the religious service, providing assistance to the crews that passed by.

Unfortunately, because it is quite isolated, it was the target of many attacks by various European and African peoples, leading to the end of the religious activity of this monastery.

Today, on the land belonging to the monastery, is located o Campsite  rated one of the best in Europe.

What to visit in Berlengas

  • Monastery of Mercy

  • Fort of Saint John the Baptist

  • Berlenga Grande beach

  • Duke of Braganza Lighthouse

  • dives


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