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Guimarães is considered the birthplace of Portugal because Afonso Henriques, who would become the first king of Portugal, was born here.
Associated with the formation and identity of Portugal, the historic center of Guimarães, in the area that was within the walls, was classified as a World Heritage Site by Unesco based on the values of originality and authenticity with which it was recovered. The city still has a harmonious and preserved heritage set that is shown in graceful iron balconies, granite balconies and porches, manor houses, arches that connect narrow streets, floor slabs smoothed by time, towers and cloisters. For a moment we imagine ourselves in a medieval setting, where the nobility built their houses such as the Mota Prego house, the Vila Flor Palace, the Toural and many others that give Guimarães a unique atmosphere.

What to visit in Guimaraes

  • Historic center of Guimaraes

  • Salad pattern

  • Church and Collegiate Church of Nossa Senhora da Oliveira

  • Alberto Sampaio Museum

  • Santiago square

  • Guimarães Castle

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